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No added sugars



No added colours

No preservatives



Finely grated fruit

Cold-pressed grated fruit in a single-serving, on-the-go container that comes with its own spoon. A premium product for the most demanding palates.


A new wave of fresh flavour

Our Smoothies are made with a great variety of fruit and vegetables. They are displayed in a handy and practical pouch, so that you can take them anywhere. The Cold-pressed technology allows us to offer an extraordinarily natural and healthy product, keeping all the vitamines and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. Try our 4 flavours: Detox, Refreshing, Antioxidant and Revitalising.

Spoon fruit

Classic & healthy compotes

100% crushed fruit to eat whenever and wherever you want. Discover our 10 different flavours: from traditional fruits like pear, to the most exotic like passion fruit and also including a delicate selection of fruits like raspberry and mango. Another healthy way of eating fruit, for the whole family. Without added sugars or preservatives of any kind.