Products made only with fruits and vegetables

Smoothies and compotes

High fiber content/source of fiber

No added sugars

No conservatives

No colours

No gluten

No lactose


A new wave of fresh flavour

Our Smoothies are made with a great variety of fruit and vegetables. They are displayed in a handy and practical pouch, so that you can take them anywhere. Try our 4 flavours:  Orchard, Bay, Forest and Fruity.

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Spoon fruit

Classic Compotes

100% crushed fruit to eat whenever and wherever you want. Discover our 11 different flavours: from traditional fruits like pear, to the most exotic like mango and also including a delicate selection of fruits like raspberry.

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without added sugars*

Spanish Heart Foundation

Diet and Health Programme

All Pom’bel products have been evaluated by the scientific committee of the Spanish Heart Foundation  and they have been added to their Diet and Health Programme.